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Tlaquepaque, Verde Canyon, Coconino, Southwest

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Red Rocks Summer At 4,500 ft., Sedona is “high-desert” country which offers mild weather and beautiful sunsets besides the often photographed Red Rocks. All of the seasons are enjoyable in Sedona. Low temperatures average 45° and the highs average 74° with an annual rainfall averaging 17”.

Besides the natural beauty of Sedona, the artists, culture and history make Sedona a beautiful, interesting and fun place to visit.

A Brief History

Before the first settlers arrived, the area we know as Sedona was held sacred by early Native Americans. They would travel great distances to hold ceremonies amidst the beautiful red rocks. Cathedral Rock was believed to be the birthplace of the first man and woman.

The first white settlers arrived in the Verde Valley in 1876. It was 25 years later that T. Carl Schnebly, his wife and 2 children arrived from their home in Gorin, Missouri. Because of the remoteness of the area and the difficulty of travel, there were still only about 6 families in the area. Carl started one of the first orchards in the area and soon after opened a small market. The market became a convenient stop for travelers between Flagstaff and Jerome.

In 1902 Carl applied for a postal permit after hearing complaints that mail delivery was too slow in the area. The first name he chose was Schnebly Station. He was told the name was too long for the cancellation stamp and, so, chose his wife’s name, Sedona. The permit was approved and Carl Schnebly became the first postmaster in Sedona on June 26, 1902.

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West Fork, Oak Creek, Red Planet Diner, Sedona Sports, Red Rock Crossing, Buddha Beach, Dahl and Di Luca, Brewing Company

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Red Rocks Winter

West Fork is a relatively easy, shady trail that crosses Oak Creek several times. According to some, there is a "portal to another dimension" on the trail. A more challenging hike is around Cathedral Rock which offers lots of sun and open space.


( within one block of The Sedona Motel )

The Hideaway House- Italian
Red Rock BBQ - BBQ
Creekside Restaurant
Rene of Tlaquepaque - French
The Secret Garden - Breakfast & Lunch
El Rincon - Mexican
Soundbites Grill - Live music & Food
Starbucks - Coffee
Wild Flower Bread Company - American


Get a picnic lunch from Whole Foods and head to Red Rock Crossing and Buddha Beach to gaze across Oak Creek at Cathedral Rock. There are several things to do in the area and it’s a beautiful spot to relax, reflect or have fun!

The deck of Sedona Motel is a lovely place to sit and watch the setting sun cast a glow on the Red Rocks! Airport Mesa offers a 100 mile view to the west. Occasionally, on weekends, there are those that play music, dance and celebrate to honor the sun's retirement!

The Oak Creek Brewing Company is located on Yavapai Drive near Basha’s Shopping Plaza. The outside fire pit attracts locals to listen to live music played in front of large beer vats. Right across the street from Sedona Motel is The Hideaway restaurant which serves light Italian fare creekside. It attracts friendly locals and visitors alike and also seems to be a favorite with our European guests!